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[NEW] What is the Camera Roll folder?
It is the folder which you can confirm the photos of basic ‘Camera Roll’ of iPhone in the Photo+Folder. It is not in the way of saving photos of camera roll into the App so please be notified that there is a limitation for its use.

Useable function
Folder edit (location, color, password setting and change), slide show, copy to the photo folder App, set as contact photo, folder cover, file info, share (mail, SNS, other Apps), map view, photo shoot and save

Nonsupport function
Folder name change, file order, move to camera roll, file name change, memo, rotation, search, backup and transfer

Camera Roll foler ON/OFF
If you do not want to use it, please set [Display Camera Roll] to OFF in Settings>Display option.

Please understand that the thumbnail seems to be damaged due to different thumbnail generationa methods of basic ‘Camera Roll’ of iPhone and the Photo+Folder. However, the photo view screen and the original photo resolution do not get any impact.

[Notice] Be careful on illegal usage
If you download the app through the 3rd account or hacked app, the photo data can be lost or damaged. Please download it from the Appstore with your own account for optimum use.

[Notice] When the App is deleted by the mistake
All data is deleted together on iPhone when the App is deleted.

However, if the App is backed up on iTunes, then the App can be recovered and the data is also recovered at the time based on the backup date.

It is impossible to recover the deleted data by developer without the methods of backup or recovery and we therefore recommend regular backup.

[Notice] Setting the background
There is some difficulty in this function for Apple’s policy. Please send the photo to select as the background image to camera roll and then select it as background image in photo album.

[Notice] Refund procedure
Apple has all rights for payment and we cannot approach purchaser information. So please excuse that we cannot refund. For the refund, you can apply in , and after clicking the arrow button of mail account in AppStore’s upper right-hand corner.

[Backup] How to backup files
You can send picture/video of Photo+Folder to PC(=export), and vice versa, picture/video of PC to Photo+Folder (=import) via WiFi or iTunes file share.

WiFi Backup
1. Connect PC to iPhone on the same WiFi network
2. Enter the below address on the web browser in PC
3. Back-up to PC by clicking the photos/videos

iTunes Backup
1. Run at the bottom
2. Select photos you want to export. (Select the ○ icon if you want to export entire folder)
3. Select button at the bottom
4. Connect USB cable, run iTunes (select DEVICES>Apps>File Sharing>Photo+Folder HD>Documents)

Import is the opposite of ‘Export’

[Passcode] Master/Ghost Passcode?
Master Passcode
Most significant passcode, although all of passcodes are different by individual secret folder, all of them can be approached with master passcode.

– In case of ‘Locking passcode when starting App.’, App. can be run by pressing master passcode.
– If you lose master passcode, there is no way to find it. So make a note or back up through the function sending by email after setting passcode.

Ghost Passcode
When starting App, double passcode which hides secret folder if accessing with ghost passcode.

– For setting Ghost passcode, Master passcode must be set firstly.
– When accessing with ghost passcode, secret folder is not shown and functions of security option, Transfer & Back-up and search are not run.
– If inputting master passcode, not ghost passcode, all of secret folders can be shown.

[Passcode] Set or change passcode for the app
Set passcode for application
After creating passcode through ‘Set up Master passcode’ in the setting menu, you should turn on ‘passcode lock on startup’. And then, you can run application by putting passcode.

Change the passcode
You can change the passcode in ‘Settings > Security Option > Change the Master pasccfe’.

[Passcode] When the passcode is lost
In case of forgetting passcode for each folder
When you set [Mater passcode] on [Settings], you can access to each folder with master passcode.

In case of forgetting master passcode
If you backed up the passcode by using the mail-sending function shown when setting the master passcode, please check your email.

When there is no backup mail, please understand that there is no other way to find the passcode since we does not save personal information.

[Features] How to edit(name, color, passcode) or delete folders
Select 2nd icon at the bottom left side on the left page.

Edit name/color/passcode
If you select ‘edit’ button on the right side of folder you want to change, you can change color and name. If you want to change the password, please release password currently set and set with new password again.

Delete a folder
If you select ‘delete’ button at the left side of folder you want to delete, you can delete the folder. However, deleted folder cannot be recovered so please be aware.

[Features] How to hide or show secret folders
Hiding secret folders
If connecting with the passcode created by the option of ‘Ghost passcode(hiding passcode)’ in the setting menu, secret folders locked by passcode aren’t shown.

But, connecting with ghost passcode, please refer that some functions such as search, Transfer & Back-up, etc. cannot be used.

Show secret folders again
If you want to see the secret folder again or use the functions, close the App by pressing Home button, restart the App and type ‘master password’ at the password screen.

[Features] Changing the order of files
You can freely change the order of photo by pressing and holding the file on right side page. You can also use function on bottom left side of the right page.

[Features] Designating folder cover with the photo
After selecting the desired photo, you can designate it as a folder’s cover by selecting the button of ‘Folder Cover’.

If you don’t designate it separately, it is designated as the first photo of folder automatically.

[Features] Write or edit memo
Add new memo
Select transfer button at the bottom center of right-side page, choose photo or video. If you select the activated button at the end, you can write memo.

You can select file inside folder to read memo and can edit it by pressing pencil button on the left.

[Features] The method to assign file name

If shooting photo/video in application or loading them from camera roll
They are saved with actual shooting date and time.

20100617_150949_xxx.jpg refers to the photo taken or opened at 3:9:49PM on June 17, 2010.

If loading them through the WiFi backup function
They are saved with original file name.

The filename may be changed with the ‘Change Name’ function at any time.

[Features] The method of search
You can search with filename by pressing the ‘Search’ icon on the left screen.

If you enter ‘201006’ as the search word, you can see all photos/videos taken or opened on June, 2010

[Share] Email Maximum attachment size
The ‘Email’ function is available up to 20MB at a time by combining video and photo.

According to the mail service you use, the quantity you send and receive at a time can be limited. So please confirm the maximum quantity which can be attached, if you cannot send any file.

[Share] Upload the photo on SNS(Twitter, Facebook, etc)
Support Twitter, Facebook, Drop box etc

Please select your desired photo, click the first icon at the left bottom. When you select SNS button you wish on the [Share] tab, you can upload the photo with the details.

[Transfer] How to transfer data between iOS devices
It is to transfer photo/video inside the Photo+Folder app to the Photo+Folder of other iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth/WiFi network.

How to use
1. Setting> General> Bluetooth activation / WiFi network activation
2. Select transfer and backup function from both devices
3. Select button at the bottom of Bluetooth/WiFi transfer page from both devices
4. Select

You must check if the Bluetooth/WiFi is activated at the device you want to receive those files.

[Info] Selected files are marked when bringing
When you importing photos/videos, files that are imported aready will be marked to prevent improting again.

If the marks are not displayed normarly, please select [Check Data Integrity] in ‘Settings.’

When location services are not inactivated, the function cannot be used. For activating location services, please activate not only setting-> ‘Location services’ but also ‘Photo+Folder’ and ‘Camera’ in location services list.

[Info] Saving photo/video in only application
You just have to turn ‘OFF’ the ‘Save in Camera Roll Together’ in setting menu.

In this case, Please remember that back-up of the original file is available only in WiFi back-up mode.

[Info] Photo/video formats supported
The photo formats supported by iPhone, iPhone can be PNG and JPEG not GIF.

Three formats; mov, mp4 and m4v are supported to Photo+Folder. But, maximum resolution and codec can be different by equipments so please confirm product specifications in Apple homepage.

[Info] When a video cannot be sent to camera roll
In case of the video file uploaded by WiFi backup mode, it cannot be sent by camera roll if its format is not compatible with camera roll. For its backup,

please download it with WiFi backup mode.

[Info] Get GPS information of photos
If location services are not inactivated, you cannot see location information.

※ For activating location services, please activate not only iPhone Settings->’Location Services’ but also ‘Photo Folder’ and ‘Camera’ in location services list.

[Info] Auto delete of file brought from camera roll
It is a challenged function due to technical limit of Apple. To secure capacity of iPhone, please copy file from photo folder and delete from camera roll.

[Info] HDR feature can not be supported
Please excuse that HDR function is not supported because of the limitation of functions provided by Apple. If it’s possible afterward, we will make an effort to update quickly.

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