5 Web Design Tips To Make Your Site Competitive In 2022

5 Web Design Tips To Make Your Site Competitive In 2022

We are living in a digital world and your company website is your portal to the outside world, a reflection of your business and as far as web design goes, nothing is set in stone. You need constant revamps with both design and content, and with that in mind, here are a few web design tips to make your platform more competitive.

Simplicity & Easy Navigation

You might think that fancy and complex websites are winners, yet users prefer simplicity – a basic design that is easy to navigate. Sometimes simplicity is sophistication in itself and we must resist the urge to over-complicate the design of a website. People like simplicity and ease of navigation; avoid loud flashing graphics, as they tend to confuse the user.

Fast Page Loading

This is a must for every digital platform. When you have many hi-res images and rich 4k video, it can make pages slow to load. Today’s Internet user is spoilt and if they have to wait even a couple of seconds, they are likely to leave the site, never to return. If you are looking to create a dynamic site, talk to the web designers Cardiff or your location has. Go for those who use Symfony and Laravel to build complex web platforms.

All Device Compatibility

People use smartphones and tablets to surf the web and without full device compatibility, you are losing site visitors. It is easy to check whether or not your website is fully compatible for all devices; simply use a smartphone and tablet to access the site. If the site doesn’t look like it should, you need to contact your webmaster about all-device compatibility. This maximises your reach and the rise in hand-held device use is alarming.

Seek Professional Help

Unless you happen to be a web designer, your efforts can only go so far and the best way to develop your site further is to enlist the help of a successful web design agency. The best PHP framework applications are Symfony and Laravel, both of which can build complex websites, with scalability and flexibility. When you approach a web development agency, they understand your concept and put forward a proposal; should you approve, they can get to work and build the perfect digital platform.

Web Security

This is very important, especially if your site handles financial transactions. You need a valid SSL certificate to protect the platform against hackers and site visitors will have peace of mind when they see the small padlock icon in the URL window. Simply put, if your website is not protected, there is a serious risk of being hacked. Don’t take any chances; talk to your web designer about cyber-security and secure your web data and your network.

Web development is ongoing and what was new 1 year ago, is already old hat today. If you want a complex website that is functional and responsive, talk to a leading web development agency and let them work their magic.

5 Web Design Tips To Make Your Site Competitive In 2022

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